Starting in January 2016

The All In Brass Band

Based at the Rochester Association of Performing Arts with rehearsal at the Theatre On The Ridge.

A youth-focused version of the modern brass band style. A "moving party" that blends New Orleans "Second Line" style with Rochester drum corps sizzle. Open to brass instrumentalists and percussionists from 7th grade on up. They'll be playing with the guidance of professional musicians, teachers, and college aged mentors. 

Fun, Energetic Music and Showmanship that draws the audience in. The group will perform at outdoor events, indoor concerts, sporting events, charity events, parades, and any community gatherings..

Media Training that allows the performers to create electronic media stories of what they've learned about the events and causes at which they perform. Guidance will be provided by local journalists and documentary film producers. 

Education will be provided by a layer of professional musicians, teachers, coaches, and mentors. 

Musical style and influences:

The Empire Statesmen / Power Zone Brass Ensemble, Rochester, NY
Prime Time Brass, Rochester, NY

Bridgemen, Bayonne, NJ

Doc Nix and The George Mason University Green Machine

Leroy Jones and the Fairview Baptist Church Brass Band, New Orleans

The Rebirth Brass Band, New Orleans

The Soul Rebels, New Orleans

Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews, New Orleans
The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Chicago, IL

Stevie Wonder

"I want the people of Rochester to look back on this group 50 years from now and call this a major success story in our city's history; bringing people from all backgrounds together to create a musical evolution, and be an example that other communities can duplicate.

... It isn't about What you play or How you play it... it's about Why"

- All In Brass Band Director, Tom Allen 

Contact Tom via email


Saturdays 11am-1pm At RAPA

First Rehearsal:

Saturday, January 23, 2016
11AM til 1PM

Rochester Association of Performing Arts
Theatre On The Ridge
200 W Ridge Rd, Rochester, NY 14615
Phone:(585) 325-3366

YOU! Everybody.
It’s the ALL IN Brass Band!

Tom Allen
(585) 746.4181



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